Dentistry in Queensland

Dentistry is a highly specialised degree. You will develop in-depth knowledge of how to prevent, diagnose and treat oral diseases and abnormalities. This will allow you to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Queensland offers a five-year undergraduate dentistry degree for school leavers at three universities. These include University of Queensland, Griffith and James Cook University.

The University of Queensland Dental School

Dentistry has a long history in Australia. In fact, Queensland was one of the first places in the country to establish a course of study for dental students (1916). It was also the only state where the barber-surgeon era was not fully over until 1902.

Today’s graduands are entering a profession that is far different from what it was 100 years ago. Technology and scientific knowledge continue to advance at a staggering rate, and it is up to dentistry schools to both drive and catch up.

UQ’s Dental School has a strong tradition of excellence. It is renowned internationally for its teaching and research, renowned academic staff and alumni, and high-achieving students. Its new home, the UQ Oral Health Centre, is Australasia’s largest and most advanced tertiary oral health facility. It brings together renowned academics and researchers, leading practitioners and top-tier students united by their passion to improve the lives of everyday Australians through better oral care.

The UQ Oral Health Centre

The UQ Oral Health Centre (OHC) is a state-of-the-art facility that houses the School of Dentistry’s student and public clinics, research laboratories and lecture/seminar rooms. The lower levels feature a series of flexible teaching spaces that reflect the School’s forward thinking on pedagogy and support collaborative learning.

The clinics provide a full range of general and advanced specialty dental care under the supervision of the School’s Faculty Dentists. Services include orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics and a six-chair open bay equipped to deliver nitrous oxide.

The facility was designed to accommodate a wide variety of patient needs, including those with special needs and medically complex conditions. The sloping site allowed the clinic level to sit low and close to the parkland, while student and faculty spaces were arranged along the higher levels, allowing natural light and open views. This synthesis of planning models generates an organic sequence of social and study spaces that are distinct from the rigid, cellular plans that have historically characterised large specialist healthcare education facilities.

The UQ Dental College

The UQ Dental College is Australia’s most advanced tertiary oral health facility, and is home to the Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours). This innovative degree teaches you the scientific knowledge and technical skills to prevent, diagnose and treat oral diseases and abnormalities. You’ll learn in clinical simulation areas, preclinical laboratories, and lecture/seminar rooms.

The DCG also houses a state-of-the-art patient clinic, which provides high-quality treatment at a fraction of the cost of a private practice. Patients can choose to receive care from a student dentist, resident specialist, or faculty specialist. Residents have completed their dental training and offer a more specialised level of care.

The UQ Dental College has a strong research enterprise, including infectious diseases in dentistry, bone biology, pain and neurosciences. Its researchers work closely with other UF departments and the broader UF academic community to improve the lives of people around the world. This includes collaborations with the National Institute of Mental Health and the UF Cancer Center.

The UQ School of Dentistry

Dental science is a degree that demands a lot of different skills. You have to be able to think like a doctor, but also use your creative side when molding fillings or sculpting wax. You need to be able to work with people, and you also have to be a good listener.

The UQ School of Dentistry is located on the University of Queensland campus in Herston, Brisbane, Australia. It is one of the world’s most advanced tertiary oral health facilities, and provides education, research and clinical service to both university students and the community.

Courses at the UQ School of Dentistry include a broad range of specialist disciplines, including orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery. Many of these subjects are taught in the clinic, and you will have the opportunity to participate in extended placements in community-based and hospital dental practice during your final year. Honours is embedded into this degree, and you will undertake a research unit as part of your degree.

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