Inside restaurant with ZERO hygiene rating as photos show filth and mice droppings

An Indian restaurant, which now has a zero food hygiene rating, has been slammed after dead flies and mouse poo were found in the kitchen.

Environmental health inspectors weren’t pleased with Lime Tandoori, an Indian restaurant in Hull, when they found no food safety management system in place and raw meat was even being stored just below the paper towel dispenser.

The restaurant and also takeaway, based on Beverley Road, was quickly given the worst hygiene rating after the inspectors’ visit in May this year, reports Hull Live.

It means the business needs to make urgent improvements.

When Hull Live asked the owner what work has been carried out to improve hygiene standards he refused to comment.

In a damning report, the inspector outlined a number of failings by the popular Indian restaurant which has an average of four stars out of five on both Trip Advisor and Google.

The list of failings is extensive and covers food management, food handling and pest control.

The report, obtained through a Freedom of Information request, says: “The standard of cleanliness throughout the premises was not of an acceptable standard. You must undertake a thorough cleansing operation.

“Food businesses must take all reasonable precautions to prevent food pests, namely rats, mice, cockroaches and flying insects gaining entry into food storage and preparation areas. This is to prevent the contamination of foodstuffs.

“During the inspection mouse droppings were found in the kitchen and the external store room.

“Appropriate treatment methods must be used to eliminate these pests.

“Flies were seen in the kitchen and the rear exit door was left open. You must install an insect proof screen on the doorway or keep the door closed when not in use.”

The inspector also raised major concerns about the storage of raw meat. The images released show the disturbing areas raw chicken and beef have been left in.

The report says: “Open containers of raw meat were stored on both sides of the equipment wash sink while it was in use for washing equipment.

“One container of raw meat was immediately beneath a wall mounted roll of paper towels.

“This presents a risk of clean equipment, surfaces and the hand drying towels being contaminated by the raw meat.

“You must create a surface that is dedicated only for handling or storing raw meat.

“The chopping boards used for raw meat were being stored in direct contact with other boards.

“To help prevent contamination you must store the chopping boards and other knives and utensils used with raw meat separately from other equipment.

“An open container of raw meat was being stored directly beneath a roll of paper towels.

“This presents a risk of the hand drying towels being contaminated by the raw meat.”

The inspector also noted there was no hand wash basin in the kitchen and the equipment wash sink was being used for hand washing. The extractor fan to the staff toilet was also not working.

The inspector also raised concerns regarding the food management of the restaurant. He identified no system in place to ensure food remained in date and correctly stored.

“There was no food safety management system available at the premises. You must put in place such a system and review it regularly. It must be available at the premises at any time food is being prepared or handled.

“There was no system in place to be able to monitor shelf life of the foods in the fridges and freezers you have prepared or of the pre-packed foods you have opened. You must put in place a system to ensure effective stock control and include it in your food safety management system.

“Foods that are frozen should also have date labels applied. If they are kept chilled after defrosting a new label must be applied. You are not currently monitoring freezer temperatures. You must include freezer temperatures in your regular opening and closing checks.”

The inspector is due to revisit the premises. The owner can pay for a fast-tracked new inspection once improvements have been made.